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What's included?

I pulled together my three favorite interactive activities, and you get the facilitator guides too — to train Safe Zone trainers, possibly to be used as a Safe Zone training, to update existing curriculums, or to be conversation starters/stirrers — it is everything at once. Sticks and Stones, Gender This!, and Messages I Learned (language/power dynamics, sex, gender, sexual identity, sexism/heterosexism, and socialization, collusion, and participant responsibility): three activities plus a bonus resource disc.

Sticks and StonesDisc 1: Sticks and Stones: LGBT 101

What better way to learn about sexual identities than to list out social norms, stereotypes, media images, rumors, jokes, and slang! This is a safe space for any and all kinds of interactive discussions regarding Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Heterosexual identities. By comparing themes of these messages learned for these different groups, we can then have a much deeper conversation about class, race, educational access, citizenship, ability assumptions, etc. By understanding our language we can hold ourselves accountable to building an inclusive environment for all (regardless of sexual identity).
Running time: 1 hour, 14 minutes

Learning Outcomes:

  • To articulate their own stereotypes, derogatory terms, and other assumptions for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and heterosexual people
  • To identify others' stereotypes, derogatory terms, and other assumptions for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and heterosexual people
  • To recognize the U.S. cultural need for binaries when examining sexual identities and gender identities
Program participant: "This activity was very useful and is important for LGBTQ folks to do in order to better understand themselves and our community (and realize what we don't know) before/while we move on to conversations about race and other identities."

Gender ThisDisc 2: Gender This!

After doing transgender education for a number of years, this program is developed around the triangulation of sex, gender, and sexual identity and the connections between sexism and heterosexism. By clearly depicting the differences and dependence of these three words that are often used synonymously, we can then begin a deeper conversation regarding current policies and procedures on campus. Understanding these differences can be made very simple so that next steps can be planned for campuses and organizations that may not be easy to implement.
Running time: 53 minutes

Learning Outcomes:

  • To define sexual identity, gender identity and sex
  • To recognize the difference between sex, sexual identity and gender identity
  • To describe how sexism and heterosexism are perpetuated by the conflation of sexual identity, gender identity, and sex
Program participant: "Our white allies caucus has really struggled to find a focus. Although we came together as white members of the LGBT community, we never created common ground on any identity other than being white. This activity really gave me ideas for ways to bring commonality and a focus to the group."

Messages I LearnedDisc 3: Messages I Learned

Doing Social Justice work is a simple concept, but it isn't easy. While moving forward, we must also trace from where we have come from and what we have learned. This activity is primarily a silent self reflection journey through one's past to better inform our futures.
Running time: 1 hour, 21 minutes

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify messages you learned about one key identity that made you who you are
  • Identify messages you learned about at least two groups to which you are not a member
  • Identify an event where you actively or passively supported oppression
  • Connect the functions of internalized and externalized oppression with one's own identities and experiences
  • Participate in an authentic conversation regarding emotions, anxieties, and realities of doing social justice work
Program participant: "One can still have an "ah ha" moment after doing a similar exercise over and over. This discussion is completely "worth" doing again and again and again."


Plus Bonus Resource Disc

  • Facilitator Guides for each of the activities
  • My #1 recommendation for a starting place for your campus to build Safe Spaces
  • Assessment tools that I use during my campus consulting trips to start conversations
  • More than 20 articles that I reference and that made me really think outside of the box

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